Laqlaq l’atelier. The heron who danced paintings.

Live performance – moving sound exhibition. 2009. Collège Néerlandais, Paris. 2009.

Dance-music improvisation in reference to the paintings of N. HODAIFA.  Music: Youssef Hbeisch, Dance: Elsa Pernot, Janet Amato and Alice Pernot. Collège Néerlandais, Paris.

“Laqlaq means stork, but if Nagham Hodaifa favors a sound that slaps, it is the image of the heron Malek al-Hazin, in its literal translation (the sad owner, master of sadness) which imposes its image. The bird found in many Middle Eastern legends, it also symbolizes indiscretion, and sometimes replacing the image of the phoenix.”

“Pictorial staging is an invention: no longer a decoration attached to the wall, but the main character and representation of itself. The painter Nagham Hodaifa designs, at the risk of the work, a new way to exhibit paintings that forces us to rethink our uses and materials.

   – For over two years, following the phase of “faces”, the painter lays the body on its canvas: feet bare or covered, hands, hastily  sketches. She portrays the workshop itself, transformed into a landscape that surrounds and watches her: two ways to play with the notions of inside and outside. Like any artist dreading intrusion into his world, Nagham stays silent. Elsa takes over the place, converts it into a floor where movement, volume and questions waltz together. She makes the painter, head to toe immersed in her painting, come out of the surface of the still image. A 3D painting? Nagham, always concerned about the fragility of the paintings manipulated, was terrorized when Janet slipped under the chassis, then crawled and suggested to roll in the paint! The misunderstanding was mutual. After the discomfort, the dialogue could begin: how to reconcile spatial approaches?”

 [extract from Martine Monteau text, 2009].