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This theme began to appear in my painting with the memory of a nightgown given by my grandmother, through which female temporality is transmitted. This painting is the first on this subject, is of my height, but does not have a head or face.

Deleting or hiding the face is intended. If the other is always met and greeted through the face, I try in my painting to meet others through a different method. In the picture the placement of the look is key, it directs the attention and achieves the meeting point. The mise en abyme of the face carries deep dualities, starting with that of exteriority and interiority, it wavers between essence and appearance, soul and body, fakeness and truth, fireworks, masks and makeup, exposure, comedy or confession, admission or facade, gift or evasion. The act of welcoming others goes through the place of the look. The being shows and then withdraws itself. It is for these reasons that I sometimes mask the head in my paintings, taking it out of the frame.