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Multidisciplinary performing arts 2010. Biermans-Lapotre Foundation, Paris, France. Conception N. Hodaifa. (Idea. Karine Medecin-Lemon). With Shoko Kumada (opera singer), Benjamin Laurent (piano), Thomas Blanchy (video), Richard Constantin Delice (dance) and Aishwarya Suultani. Project supported by FIE, TCI Théâtre de la Cité Internationale, Paris


Nightgown II from 2013, its origin dates back to 2010. This is a project I curated at the International City in Paris, when I invited the public to place their fingerprints on the canvas whilst repeating this phrase: “choose your green!”. I prepared various shades of the color green, which made it possible for the viewer to select their desired tone thus making them become the actor. The initial project was a tribute to the Cité Internationale (CIUP), articulated around a strong concept of expression of the unity and spirit of the city, from the diversity of its inhabitants. I then realized these tribulations as a collective work involving several arts. I proceeded to take the canvas back to my workshop and the footprints were covered by the presence of the figure in the Nightgown II.